Who Should Use A Blood Glucose Meter?

A Blood Glucose Meter is the key element of home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM) commonly used by diabetic (hyperglycemia) patients or patients low in blood glucose (hypoglycemia). As a Blood Glucose Meter is designed to be convenient and portable, it is typically purchased by patients’ family members or their closed ones to be used in their residential homes, or used by health organizations in their mobile blood testing or health checkup stations for simple blood test.

People should not use a Blood Glucose Meter for the purpose of comprehensive blood test eg. checking of full blood count or platelet count in your blood (haematology). Instead, you should visit your nearby medical clinic or hospital since they have the right facilities there.


It is recommended that all families with elders should keep a Blood Glucose Meter in their first-aid box at home regardless of whether they are ill or not, since it is affordable in cost and can be a life saver when there is an emergency.

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  1. Where can I find purchasing information for the wrist-watch blood glucose meter? I have the standard type of meter. I am interested in the one that monitors the blood sugar and gives warnings or the number, etc.?

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