This “wrist watch” version of Blood Glucose Meter, also known as GlucoWatch, is a new technology glucose testing product that will test your blood glucose through fluid drawn from under your skin with electrodes, rather than your blood itself. The process is painless.

How It Works?

A GlucoWatch depend on a skin pad that adhere to the skin, and measure your blood glucose using electric current. When your blood glucose goes too high or low, an alarm will sound off.

Key Features :

  • Readings can be generally taken up to 3 times an hour. Certain models of GlucoWatch can take as frequent as every 10 minutes.
  • Skin-pad can be worn as long as 13 hours yet need to be changed periodically.
  • Ideal for pregnant women who want to catch low blood glucose that occurs during the night.

Note(s) :

  • A new calibration is required whenever a new skin-pad is replaced which should be every 12 hours.

Update :

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the GlucoWatch as a prescription device for adults with diabetes on March 22, 2001. This is the only non-invasive glucose monitoring device currently approved by the FDA.