What Is A Wrist-Watch Blood Glucose Meter?

This “wrist watch” version of Blood Glucose Meter, also known as GlucoWatch, is a new technology glucose testing product that will test your blood glucose through fluid drawn from under your skin with electrodes, rather than your blood itself. The process is painless.

How It Works?

A GlucoWatch depend on a skin pad that adhere to the skin, and measure your blood glucose using electric current. When your blood glucose goes too high or low, an alarm will sound off.

Key Features :

  • Readings can be generally taken up to 3 times an hour. Certain models of GlucoWatch can take as frequent as every 10 minutes.
  • Skin-pad can be worn as long as 13 hours yet need to be changed periodically.
  • Ideal for pregnant women who want to catch low blood glucose that occurs during the night.

Note(s) :

  • A new calibration is required whenever a new skin-pad is replaced which should be every 12 hours.

Update :

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of the GlucoWatch as a prescription device for adults with diabetes on March 22, 2001. This is the only non-invasive glucose monitoring device currently approved by the FDA.

47 thoughts on “What Is A Wrist-Watch Blood Glucose Meter?

  1. I would need one for my son too, unfortunately impossible to find out where to buy, anybody who can help?

  2. I need to be able to find and buy a Glucometer watch to better take control of my blood sugars and engage in reading them several times within the hour instead throughout the day. I have developed the Autonomic Neuropathy, and to better control that I need to take better control of my blood sugars hourly. I am on the D.C.C.T. AND E.D.I.C. RESEARCH PROGRAMS, I just need to be directed to where and how I may be able to buy one. debramcgill@journalist.com

  3. Im an INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES MELLITUS for past 10 years 1 month 22days.i want one glucometer watch plz mail a catalog about this watch.

  4. My 26 year old daughter has type 1 diabetes and adrenal insufficiency which can also cause hypoglycaemic attacks, she has had night time hypos and slept through them which has resulted in her fitting and being left until someone finds her in the morning. A gluco watch sounds like a great idea if the alarm would wake her up…..or me in the next bedroom! Is this watch effective and where do I buy one from in the UK? Any useful comments welcome. Thanks

  5. You should go to: http://www.mendosa.com/glucowatch.htm
    I don’t know if the information is correct but it is the best site I’ve found so far. David Mendosa (the creator) mentions everything there is to know about the GlucoWatch. He writes about the starter cost($698), estimated annual cost(It’s expensive $5,753), how to obtain a GlucoWatch(Requires a prescription from a doctor), even the pros and cons. His site is amazing, very detailed and informative. I hope you find what your lucking for. Good luck!

  6. To any developers who might be reading these comments. When are you going to catch up with your accessability and make these products blind and visually impaired friendly. I have a talking meter but not easy to use when your blood sugar is low, I got annoyed a few times when i couldn’t work the machine and gave up, then a coma soon followed. I’d love one of these watches but have only one good kidney I could sell to be able to afford it

  7. im looking for glucometer watch… which is non invasive procedure. where i can buy this watch. or i need CATALOG ABOUT THAT GLUCOWATCH.PLZ MAIL ME c.suchi85@gmail.com
    plz help me friends.:'( im type 1 diabetic right from my 15 years… more than 11 years im taking insulin.i use to check sugar by accuchek it give additional harm and pain for me plz give some remedy. inform me where can i get glucowatch without invasive…

  8. I want to know where i can buy wrist watch blood gluco meter in
    hyderabad , pakistan. what is the price of it in pakistan currency . please email me about it

  9. im looking for glucometer watch for my husband who is afraid of niddles and becouse of that not testing his blood glucose. His doctor refuse to give him peels/madication without the blood test.
    so i need to buy one asap, do you know where can i buy it pls ,
    thnx , my emailis – hsrfvi2@walla.com please email me about it

  10. where can I get this glucowatch. and the price too.please I need this information as soon as posible.
    thank you

  11. Please tell me where I can get one of these. I believe my blood sugars drop low while sleeping, which causes them to spike by morning. I would find this VERY usful.

  12. I invented this device in 2000 and in the process of the steps to patent, it was taken out of my hands. I have never been recompensated.
    I am glad that people are benefitting from this way to be well with diabetes.

  13. Kindly mail me the prospects and detail working of wrist watch showing blood sugar level without taking blood. Sir also send me the price and address and how can I purchase. An early reply will be appreciated

  14. This watch is not available yet, (it may fall into the vast lake of thinks that could have bee)The information you are finding on the internet is not correct. The watch may have passed and yes it did pass FDA, but unfortunately the gentleman that created the Gluclo watch has no plans on keeping up with it. so Don’t hold your breath people, I was so tired of hearing people asking for information on these sites and then poppin off at the mouth like a monkey on fire!!!! I have 7 out 10 % of the information behind the scene by doing proper smart person research! bah! Do the research LAZY people

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