What Is A Food Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter?

A Blood Glucose Meter with food monitoring capability allows you to manage your blood glucose before and after each meal so that you can be aware of the effects of your food and portion choices. You may then make necessary adjustment to continue to enjoy the food you like yet maintaining your body glucose level everyday.

How Does It Work?

Add a meal flag – You can simply flag your blood glucose results as before or after meal. This will help to remind you of the impact of your food choices. Over time (7 days, 14 days or 30 days), the meter will provide you with the meal averages too.

Add a comment – After each test, you can store your result and attach a simple comment to it to note why your glucose level for that test was particularly high or low eg. “Mild Exercise”.

Benefits :

A Food Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter can typically store results and show either the average of all results, average of all before-meal results, or the average of all after-meal results. It can also show average results for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.

Some will come with free diabetes educational material (user manual, DVD and a booklet) to help you manage your diabetes around meals.

Example :
OneTouch Ultra2 Meter

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  1. Jonathan Wold do you have diabetese, I do. Do you know where a psroen can get a free meter when theres breaks? Especially if you do not have insurance or medicaid? You see free all over this site, yet they are not are they. The lady was right you have a nice clean site. Just wrong.

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