What Is A Combined Wrist Blood Pressure And Blood Glucose Meter?

A Combined Wrist Blood Pressure And Blood Glucose Meter is fundamentally a 2-in-1 product that eliminates the need to purchase a Blood Sugar Meter and Blood Pressure Monitor separately. It is most ideal for people with both diabetes (hyperglycemia) and high blood pressure (hypertension) for home use. It is typically compact, light-weight, comfortable, designed for ease of use and accurate measurements.

How It Works?

Use your wrist to take your blood pressure using the oscillometric BP method with wrist cuff technology. When testing your blood for glucose, it works almost the same like a Blood Sugar Meter except that now you place your blood sample on the same device too. Stores results for both blood glucose and blood pressure tests.

Price Range :

Slightly cheaper than you get both devices separately. Around $50 – $56 per unit.

Note :

This device does not measure your blood glucose using the wrist function (you need a Wrist-Watch Blood Glucose Meter for this). The wrist function is solely for blood pressure monitoring only. Blood test for this still requires traditional blood sampling with test strip and testing with a lancet device.

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