What Is A Blood Glucose Meter?

A Blood Glucose Meter is also known as a Blood Sugar Meter, Glucose Meter or Glucometer. It is fundamentally a medical device which measures the concentration of glucose in human blood using a blood glucose test strip.

By testing a person’s glucose level using a Glucose Meter allows him to be aware of his medical condition in the shortest period of time. If a person’s blood glucose is either too low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia), life-saving remedial action can be carried out immediately and a human life might be salvaged in time.

Question: How Does One Look Like?

A Glucose Meter comes typically in the size of a palm of the hand which may not necessarily be. Most of which are battery-operated and portable.

Question: What Cannot Be Tested?

A Glucose Meter cannot be used for complex (haematology) blood tests like Full Blood Count, Platelet Count etc.

Note(s) :

If a patient’s blood glucose is too low, you can quickly offer him high-sugared food/drink to consume which will help in bringing his glucose level out of risk. Else if his blood glucose is too high, you can offer him with extra insulin to bring down his glucose level (please consult your health care provider further for this).

Important :

Treating consistently high blood glucose level is important so that it can decrease a patient’s chances of developing heart, blood vessel or nerve complications from diabetes.

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