What Are The Normal Human Blood Glucose Levels?

Do you know that with everything you eat, even that smallest candy contributes to the amount of sugar or glucose that you have in your blood stream? Glucose is the same as sugar and for younger people or those who are healthy; they have nothing to worry about. However, there are those who should be careful with what they eat. Sometimes, they even have to take maintenance medicine in order to regulate their blood sugar and keep it within the normal human blood glucose level. That is because having high or low blood sugar will give a person negative health reactions.

People usually think that sugar is present in sweets and are high in products such as ice cream, pastries and cakes. While that is true, sugar is not only present in them. Even carbohydrates and starch are sugar and that is why even though a person does not eat a lot of sweets but loves rice, his blood sugar can still be high. At a normal level, sugar fuels a person and gives him energy to do as many things as possible. However, if it is not within the normal range, that could lead to a wide array of problems. That is why people who are diabetic taking insulin which is the hormone that has the capacity to convert glucose into glucagon. What it does is to change the sugar to fat.

So what is considered as normal for human blood glucose level? Well, that would be between 70 and 150 mg / dL (which mean milligrams per deciliter). Do not be surprised if your blood sugar is the lowest in the morning when you take the test first thing after you wake up and highest right after a meal. Remember, sugar is easily absorbed into the human bloodstream so an hour or two after eating, your blood glucose level tends to rise. That is also the reason why people tend to feel sleepy after a meal. Too much sugar can render a person sluggish and sleepy. Too little of it will leave a person weak.

So what happens if a person’s blood glucose is not within the normal level? Well, it really depends. The most common problem is known as diabetes but this is actually the result of hyperglycemia. While diabetes is not lethal, its complications are. High blood glucose levels can and will also damages the eyes, the kidneys and even the nerves. That is why it is a must not to take it for granted and work on it right away. Some signs and symptoms are lethargy, losing ones consciousness or even problems with mental functioning.

It takes a lot of discipline in order to keep your sugar within the normal level. It means having to eat the right food, a balanced diet and exercise. However, it is always best to first consult your doctor for anything beforehand.

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