What Are Lancet Device And Lancet?

A Lancet in medical terms, refers to a surgical knife with a short, wide, pointed double-edged blade, used especially for making punctures and small incisions.

A Lancet Device is a medical device that holds the lancet firmly in place. When the user triggers the device, the lancet will move ahead in a linear way to prick against any skin or surface in a controlled manner.

Purpose Of Lancet Device And Lancet :

Lancet device and lancet are typically used in blood glucose monitoring to draw out a small amount of blood sample from the patient for testing of glucose level. The blood sample will be dropped onto a test strip and inserted into a blood glucose meter for result.

How To Choose A Good Lancet Device :

  • Comfort level (some lancet devices allow you to adjust the depth which the lancet goes into your skin. Pick one that provides different levels of depth so that the process can be less painful.
  • Ease Of Use (pick one that has ease of adjustment setting and ease of triggering to release the lancet)
  • Safe To Use (pick one that does not expose the lancet)

Important :

Do not recycle a lancet. Always remember to insert a new one before you use the lancet device and dispose the lancet immediately after each use for safety purpose.

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