GlucoWatch – What You Need To Know Before Getting One?

In previous article which describes what is a GlucoWatch (a wrist watch version of blood glucose meter), we share with you about this new painless technology of blood glucose testing where fluid is extracted through the human skin and glucose level in the fluid is measured using the device (GlucoWatch) to determine your blood sugar level.

There are some important facts which are worth mentioning for your knowledge before getting one.

  1. In March 2001, FDA (U.S. Food Drug And Food Administration) has approved the use of GlucoWatch as a prescription device for adults with diabetes.
  2. In August 2002, FDA has approved the use of GlucoWatch for use by children and adolescents with diabetes.
  3. A new calibration of the device through the use of a finger-stick blood glucose test is required every 13 hours when a new skin pad is replaced to ensure accuracy of the meter results.
  4. Individual GlucoWatch readings should not be used to determine and make changes to the insulin dosage. It is recommended that you should take several readings over time and confirm it with a finger stick blood glucose test.
  5. Readings might be skipped when patients perspire especially during exercise or in an extremely hot humid environment.
  6. Patients may develop rashes on the skin that come directly in contact with the watch. However, this may not apply to every patient as different people has different skin condition.

Overall, a GlucoWatch is a valuable tool you can add on to your list.