4 Important Tips To Maintain And Clean A Blood Glucose Meter Properly

A blood glucose meter is a must have especially for diabetics who always have to monitor their blood sugar levels. Of course, just like any medical equipment, it is important to properly take care of it and maintain (clean) it well. By doing this, it can be operated for a longer period of time. We know that these meters do not really come cheap (especially those that are of premium quality) and it is only right that we take care of our investments. So here are some simple steps on how to clean our meters well.

How To Maintain and Clean Your Blood Glucose Meter Correctly

  1. First thing that you must know as you clean blood glucose meter is that you can never wash it with running water or dip it in water. The reason for this is because the internal part can never get wet or else it will be damaged. So what can you do then? Just come up with a solution of mild soap and water and dip a small part of a cloth. Again, make sure that it is not soaking wet. Otherwise, this will defeat the purpose of not washing it. So gently use the damp cloth to wipe it. Do it thoroughly and carefully.
  2. The next thing to do as you clean one is to wipe the lancet. Yes, you can wipe that with the same cloth dipped in the same solution. Do not attempt to spray the lancet with a cleaning solution as this will damage the item too.
  3. Now if you want to have more thorough cleaning (enough to kill all the germs and bacteria) because there is dirt or even dry blood, you will need a stronger solution. Take one part of household bleach and mix it with ten parts of water. Mix the solution thoroughly and once again, use a cloth, wet a small area and use it to wipe the dirty area. You can be sure that it will clean it well.
  4. Lastly, if you are thinking that you can use a 70 percent alcohol solution or even ammonia to disinfect the meter, you are certainly wrong because even though the 2 products will disinfect it, they are not safe for the gadget. The alcohol will most certainly ruin the LED read out and the ammonia is bad for metals. What you only need are gentle cleansers which is exactly what mild soap is and bleach when mixed with water.

Here are more tips for you to maintain your blood glucose meter and keep it functioning properly for a long time. First, you have to make sure that it is kept in a cool and dry place. It is best if the temperature is below 86 degrees F. Direct sunlight is also its biggest enemy so place it in a shaded area. In addition, never place your lancet, meter and test strips inside a refrigerator as the surroundings are damp and will damage them for sure.