Purposes Of A Blood Glucose Meter

A Blood Glucose Meter is primarily used for testing our blood to monitor our glucose level. However, there are other purposes too. Understanding the different purposes gives you better ideas of how to use a glucose meter more effectively.

What Are The Purposes Of Glucose Meter?

1. Monitor Quality Of Insulin

Sometimes, your insulin might be long expired and you may not know or the expiry date wasn’t clearly indicated on the packaging. Hence if you are taking insulin regularly yet your blood glucose level seems to behave abnormally, it could be a problem with the insulin and you should either verify them with your health care provider and purchase new ones immediately.

2. Monitor And Adjust Your Insulin Dosage

You can check your blood glucose level many times a day and observe for any abnormality or consistent pattern over a period of time. Example, if your glucose level went too high on every morning consistently over the entire week, you may consult your health care provider if you should take extra or lesser insulin during the morning time to increase or lower your blood glucose and avoid health risk.

3. Understand The Effects Of The Food And Portion Choices

Certain glucose meters with food monitoring feature allow you to manage your glucose level before and after each meal and provide you with the average results over a period of time. You shall be able to understand the effects of your food and portion choices and decide whether you should avoid certain food choice or consume lesser portion where necessary.

You may like to consult your diabetes educator for more information on the purposes of a blood glucose meter too.

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