Important Pointers For A Blood Glucose Meter

There are certain features of a Blood Glucose Meter which are important for you to know so that you understand how it works and know how to read the results too.

As different brands and models of Blood Glucose Meter have their own features, you should hence check your own user manual or product manufacturer to find out more.

1. Measurement Range Of Different Meter Models

Most Blood Glucose Meters come with a broad range of measurement values from as low as 0 to as high as 600 mg/dL. However, as the range is different among models, you should interpret individual meters’ low and high values carefully.

2. Calibration For Meters

As time passes, your glucose readings might not be linear over the entire range. If you happen to come across very high or very low values which you suspect could be due to inaccuracy, you should perform a calibration for your meter. Kindly refer to your manufacturer’s user manual for instructions.

3. Cleaning And Maintenance

To clean and maintain a good meter, you should first check with your manufacturer on the correct method to do so. Refer to your manufacturer’s website if you are not able to contact them easily. Below are some general tips when it comes to cleaning a meter.


  • Clean your meter with only soap and water using dampened soft cloth.
  • Clean your meter regularly to maintain its accuracy.


  • Avoid using glass or abrasive cleaners, cleansers with ammonia, or alcohols.
  • Avoid damaging the sensitive parts of the meter.

If you have an important feature or useful tip on Blood Glucose Meter to share, kindly drop a comment below for us.

2 thoughts on “Important Pointers For A Blood Glucose Meter

  1. Hi I was looking for technical information on how your blood glucose meter works as part of my university study. If you could email me some information in the next day or so (I need it ASAP), I would be very grateful.
    Yours, Moombar.

  2. Hi! Someone accidentally inserted the wrong side of the test strip into the glucometer. The big problem here is that the strip has already blood in it. How will this affect the performance and integrity of my meter? Thanks!

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