How To Perform A Blood Glucose Test Using A Blood Glucose Meter?

Performing a blood glucose test can be rather straightforward but not all the tests work the same way with different Blood Glucose Meters. The steps in this article can only serve as general guide to help you carry out a proper blood glucose test. For more in-depth explanation and live demonstration, you should seek assistance from a certified diabetes educator. He/she should watch you test your own glucose to make sure that you really understand how to operate the meter correctly.

Step By Step To Perform A Blood Glucose Test :

1. Prepare and get everything ready before you begin. Be sure that you know how to understand the meter’s reading.

Important : Do not re-use any of the disposable items above for safety purposes.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and dry your hands completely.

3. Clean the fingertip affected area (the part which you are going to work on) with alcohol and dry it completely.

4. Prick the tip of your finger with a lancet device. Hold down your hand and hold your finger until you see a small drop of blood appears. Quickly catch the blood with the test strip.

5. Insert the test strip (the edge with the blood) into the meter and wait for the test result to appear (usually a beeping sound will be heard).

6. Record the test result.

7. Dispose away the used test strip and lancet.

It is important that you should read the user manual thoroughly that comes with the meter so that you know how to use it correctly. You should know how to read the meter’s reading and able to interpret any error code which might be displayed on it.

How often do you use your meter depends on the recommendation of your health care provider. Diabetes patients are strongly encouraged to use it more so that your blood glucose level can be monitored closely.

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