Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Blood Glucose Meter

A Blood Glucose Meter comes with the following advantages,

  • portable and convenient, yet inexpensive.

  • short testing time (only 3 – 60 secs depending on different models).

  • can be a life saver during an emergency.

However, a Blood Glucose Meter does come with the following disadvantages too,

  • accuracy is a concern as it can be false positive to hypoglycemia (low blood glucose). Immediate measurement to hypoglycemia may seem higher than hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) which makes it less useful.

  • some models cannot perform test without light.


Certain newer models of Blood Glucose Meter like Optium Xceed by Abbott Diabetes Care, comes with back-light functions which comes in handy when you are in cinema, or if you not want to wake up your partner in the middle of the night.

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  1. It’s really important to know and be aware of your glucose, and having it measured is the best way to prevent further diseases. This kind of device is so great!

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